Many of you will no doubt be aware of some of the many initiatives and plans that have and are being put in place to take Derry City Football Club forward to a successful future. One of the most important considerations in the development of a successful football club, as with any commercial business, is to build a database of supporter or customer information. It is for this reason that the club is asking fans to register themselves on our Supporters Database.

We know from our previous trips to the Aviva Stadium and our Europa League ventures that we have a large potential fan base and we need to be able to communicate with these ‘big game’ supporters, as well as our more regular and ‘die hard’ supporters in a much more organised and knowledgeable way. The new database will enable us to do just that and to let fans know the different things that are available to them, the ways that they can help the club and the way the club can assist them.

There are many benefits to signing up to our database with your information:

  • Supporters who sign up to the Supporters Database will also be signed up for the club’s Monthly Email Newsletter.
  • We will be able to offer promotions, discounts and special offers to supporters.
  • We will be able to communicate with fans more effectively.
  • The club will understand our fan base accurately which will help effective decision making

We know that there can be resistance to providing contact information as there has always been a certain stigma attached to handing over personal details and, for many people, it has led to them switching off. That is not what we want to happen and we’re not going to start pestering people with unwanted emails and phone calls. However, it will allow us to be informed and to be able to speak with a greater level of knowledge and to keep our database updated about things that are happening at the club that will benefit all supporters.

“One of the most important points to get across is that we are absolutely NOT going to sell the information to any third party company or even pass it to sponsors”

The overriding benefit is that once you register you will be helping your club to help you. We believe that the supporters, the players and club staff are all part of the same team and if we can work together we are more likely to achieve our aims.

If you have not signed up yet, you can sign up now here.

Thank you all for your continued support.